Annie Siegel

Two Day Workshops

Shorter versions of the following workshops are possible. Please contact for prices and variations of workshops.

Introduction to Improvisation & Chord Theory

A practical and fun application of music theory related to all styles of music (blues, pop, folk, rock, jazz, classical, etc ). You will learn to work with chords, scales, "riffs", rhythm, patterns and melody to understand and make music. Basic understanding of scales and chord theory enables participants to play and create music without being tied to the notes on a page. It is also the basis for improvisation, harmony, and greater confidence and creativity. Students will receive individual and group instruction and learn to play in a group format. Join us with your voice or any instrument that you play. Here's a chance to play with other musicians and find out how it all works.

The Blues and Beyond: Chord Theory, Improvisation & History

A practical and fun application of music theory as related to blues, R&B, Soul, & blues- related jazz progressions. Students will work with chords, scales, "riffs", rhythm, patterns and melody to understand, play, and improvise. Learn to play solos and jam in a group setting; Understand the structure of the tunes so that you can play by ear with other musicians and not get lost; Play different styles and substitute chord progressions that go beyond the I-!V- V 12 bar blues.

We will also listen to and learn from the great masters of this genre: work songs & gospel influences; early rural blues, vaudeville, urban blues, R&B, Rock, Motown through to jazz blues. It is not necessary to be able to read music, but a familiarity with chords and a basic working knowledge of your instrument is needed. This workshop is suited to all instruments as well as vocalists.


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